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TBS Group invests in and develops 6 key businesses: Footwear, Handbags, Investment and Asset Management, Logistics, Hospitality and Retail. Each business plays an important role in the growth and development of TBS.

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Founded in 1989, TBS has achieved important development milestones in an effort to solidify the role of Vietnamese industry within the global supply chain.

1989: Three teammate Thuan-Bich-Son started up together with full of desire to get rich on their own homeland.

1992: TBS’s “Factory Number 1” project approved and licensed.

1993: Signed our first production contract for 6 million pairs of women’s shoes.

1995: “Factory Number 2” constructed, specializing in sport shoes.

1996: Signed contracts with international partners – famous footwear brands around the world.

2002: Reach 5 million pairs of shoes.

2005: Received the Second-class Labor Medal.

2007: Reach 10 million pairs of shoes.

2009: Received certificate of merit for Representative of Vietnamese Textile & Footwear Enterprise by The Ministry of Industry and Trade.

2011: Established the first handbags manufacturing factory.

2013: Reach 16 million pairs of shoes.

2014 – 2015: Be honored to received emulation flag by Government and First-class Labor Medal. Reach 21 million pairs of shoes and 10 million of handbags

TBS Logistics – A subsidiary of TBS Group

Introduction about TBS Logistics

Strategic Location: Quick, easy access to highways, ports and main airports with bonded warehouses located near the Binh Duong Port.

Large-Scale Infrastructure: 115-hectare warehouse consisting of 1 LCD, 5 integrated, multi-use warehouses, 1 container depot, and hundreds of trucks of all sizes with the capacity of transporting up to 5,000 containers monthly.

Capacity for storing up to 60,000 containers ranging from bonded to domestic warehouses, from general goods to dedicated storage.

Advanced Security Systems: Security fencing, high-tech cameras and security guards on duty 24/7.

Clean, green area surrounded by parkland.