Warehousing and Distribution Services of TBS Logistics

Warehousing and Distribution Services of TBS Logistics

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TBS Logistics is a company providing comprehensive supply chain solutions for domestic and foreign businesses. One of the main services of TBS Logistics is Warehousing and Distribution.

TBS provides warehouse services in strategic locations to help businesses quickly connect to localities in the country as well as countries in the region and around the world. Modern warehouse system with large surrounding waiting area helps save delivery time. At the same time, the customs staff office is designed on campus to help save time in completing customs procedures. At the same time, TBS Logistics applies advanced management software such as WMS and SAP to help connect quickly, online and optimize operating costs and productivity.

TBS Logistics' Warehousing and Distribution Services include:

  • Warehouse management: TBS Logistics has a modern, safe and cost-effective warehouse system, with the ability to store and manage diverse and complex goods. TBS Logistics also applies advanced information technology to track and control goods accurately and transparently.
  • Goods distribution: TBS Logistics has an extensive transportation network, with a team of professional drivers and diverse trucks, to ensure quick and safe delivery to customers. TBS Logistics is also capable of providing value-added services such as packaging, labeling, quality inspection and reverse logistics.
  • Reporting and analysis: TBS Logistics provides customers with detailed and periodic reports on warehouse and distribution activities, helping customers monitor supply chain efficiency and optimize business strategies.

With TBS Logistics' Warehousing and Distribution services, customers will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Cost savings: Customers will not have to invest in building and maintaining warehouses, but will only pay fees according to actual use. Customers will also minimize transportation costs thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of TBS Logistics.
  • Capacity building: Thanks to the support of TBS Logistics' experienced and professional staff, as well as a modern and continuously updated information technology system, Customers will be able to focus on their operations. its main business. Let TBS Logistics take care of all warehousing and distribution issues.
  • Increased competitiveness: Customers will be provided with customized warehousing and distribution solutions according to their own needs, helping customers meet the requirements of the market and end customers. From there, you can create a difference and advantage over your competitors.

With TBS Logistics' Warehousing and Distribution services, customers not only save costs and improve capacity in business operations, but also improve competitiveness in the market. We are committed to bringing professionalism, reliability and dedication so that customers can feel completely secure and focus on their business goals.

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